Dark Symphony

by Christine Feehan

Jove, March, 2003.
Paperback, 341 pages.
ISBN: 0515135216
Subgenre: Paranormal

Dark Symphony by Christine Feehan In the latest entry in her bestselling Carpathian series, Christine Feehan revisits Italy and the cursed Scarletti family, whose ancestors were the subject of the gothic novel, The Scarletti Curse. Antoinetta Scarletti is a beautiful heiress and talented concert pianist who has remarkable psychic powers. Blinded and scarred in the boating accident which took her parents' life, Antonietta lives a rather lonely existence, despite being surrounded by her large, bickering family. Carpathian Byron Justicano has spent hundreds of years hunting vampires, and knows his time is running short. For if he does not find his chosen life mate soon, he, too will turn into one of the vampires, who are completely evil. Drawn by Antionetta's music, he knows she is the one destined to be with him forever. But he also senses great evil around her; someone is trying to murder her. Now Byron must find a way to win Antoinetta's love, and stop whoever is determined to destroy her.

Antonietta Scarletti is an intelligent and powerful woman, who was a success in business long before Byron shows up, which adds an interesting element to the romance. Byron cannot claim Antonietta as his lifemate in the normal, forceful Carpathian way -- for one thing, she's surrounded by family -- which leads to some entertaining situations. Christine Feehan gives this popular series a twist, including the very funny addition of a young Carpathian, Josef, who can't quite control his budding powers and has fondness for rap music, making for a very entertaining read.

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