Dante's Equation

by Jane Jensen

Del Ray, Del Ray.
Trade Paperback, 484 pages.
ISBN: 0345430379

Dante's Equation by Jane Jensen Dr. Jill Talcott is obsessed with her energy wave equations, to the point that she promises her sleazy superior half the credit if he'll just give her time on the department's coveted supercomputer which she needs to crunch all the numbers in the complicated equations. Jill's research seems to be correlated with the findings of a dead scientist and Kabbalist, Yosef Kobinski, who claimed to have found the physics equations for good and evil -- the very underpinnings of the universe. Halfway around the world Rabbi Aharon Handalman is a scholar specializing in Torah code. Rabbi Handalman has found many references to Yosef Kobinski and his research leads him to Dr. Talcott, just as her lab explodes and she is forced to run for her life from government agents who wish to use her research for destructive purposes. Dr. Talcott, her assistant, Rabbi Handalman and a journalist who is also on the trail of the same story eventually all meet and set out on the trail of Kobinski -- who mysteriously disappeared from the Auschwitz concentration camp near the end of World War II. What they find could change the world forever -- or destroy it.

Author Jane Jensen delivers the goods in this thriller that fans of The da Vinci Code will enjoy. Jensen takes the principles of the Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaism and uses it as the base for her story. The author shows the different personality types found in humans, according to the teachings of Kabbalah, and how each of them can be transformed. The idea that the very fabric of the universe sets the stage for good and evil is not a new one, but Jensen executes it extremely well in this tautly written thriller.

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