Critter Love

by Kate Spohn

HarperFestival, January, 2004.
Picture Books, 24 pages.
ISBN: 0060529776
Ages Baby-Preschool

Critter Love by Kate Spohn Critter Love is a wonderful book to help teach young children to be kind to our animal friends. Colorful illustrations show a boy and girl interacting with animals of all kinds, both large and small. Elephants, lizards, giraffes, koalas, turtles, dolphins, ducks and monkeys are all shown in illustrations having friendly encounters with the two children. In the end the book says, "Make friends with all critters…for you are one too." Author Kate Spohn offers dozens of cute little critter llustrations combined with short, easy-to-understand text that is perfect to read to very small children. Some of the animals have also been given a soft raised surface that children can touch and feel. Kids can spend a lot of time with this book both touching the animals and trying to name them, all the while learning that it is important to treat animals with kindness.

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