Cooking the Roman Way

by David Downie, Photographs by Alison Harris

Harper Resource, October, 2002.
Hardcover, 314 pages.
ISBN: 0060188928

Cooking the Roman Way by David Downie, Photographs by Alison Harris Food and travel writer David Downie, author of Enchanted Liguria: A Celebration of the Culture, Lifestyle and Food of the Italian Riviera, now takes readers on a culinary adventure through the trattorias of Rome in his latest book. In his Introduction, Downie implores readers to "Close your eyes and imagine you're in Rome, seated al fresco in the sun on a rooftop terrace, smack in the center of town- what, after all, can beat tucking into the pyramids of stuffed zucchini flowers fried golden in olive oil, the mound of fresh fava beans and Pecorino Romano chesses, the braised artichokes alla romana and platters of rosemary-perfumed spring suckling lamb arranged before you?" What, indeed? With such writing the author will inspire you to race off to your kitchen to attempt to recreate the various Roman feasts captured in the pages of the book.

The recipes are not overly complicated, and use readily available ingredients. From Baked Gnocchi with Butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano, to Spicy Boned Lamb Leg Sauteed With Rosemary, Wine and Vinegar, to Golden Fried Artichoke Slices Roman Style, to Eugenio Velardi's Ultra-Light Roman Tiramisu, Downie takes readers on a culinary tour that is sure to please both novice and advanced cooks alike.

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