Charming Lily

by Fern Michaels

Kensington, April, 2001.
Hardcover, 308 pages.
ISBN: 0821770195
Subgenre: Contemporary

Charming Lily by Fern Michaels Outdoor survival expert Lily Harper has had it with men. Years ago, Matt Starr -- the love of her life-left her at the altar. Matt said he just wasn't ready for marriage, but she didn't listen, and he just disappeared. He then founded a company named Digitech on a shoestring budget and became a multi-millionaire. Matt never forgot Lily, and felt terrible about what he had done to her. He hired private detectives to find her, to no avail. But he finds Lily again when his company signs up for an Extreme Sports vacation package. Eventually the pair reunites, and Matt swears he's ready for hearth and home now. Matt disappears again before the wedding and Lily is furious. But when Matt's beloved dog shows up bedraggled and injured, Lily believes that Matt has been kidnapped. With the help of her friends and the Wish Keeper, a very special necklace which gives visions, Lily sets out to find the Matt she loves and marry him once and for all.

Lily Harper is a spirited woman who is determined not to let life's disappointments get her down (and getting left at the altar twice is bound to shake anyone's confidence). Fern Michaels has created a wonderful and strong character in Lily, who must go entirely on faith in order to find happiness. Charming Lily is an exciting romantic suspense tale which is sure to leave readers hungry for more of Fern Michaels' wonderful storytelling.

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