Championship Writing

by Paula LaRocque

Marion Street Press, November, 2000.
Paperback, 206 pages.
ISBN: 0966517636

Championship Writing by Paula LaRocque Championship Writing provides instruction and tips for improving your writing. This reference is a collection of fifty columns which originally appeared in Quill, the Society of Professional Journalists' magazine. The articles provide advice for print and broadcast journalists, copywriters and business and marketing professionals. Topics cover some of the most common areas where problems and errors occur, including usage, grammar, quotations, headlines, tense, pronouns, commas, clichés, analogies, poetic devices and editing.

Paula LaRocque, assistant managing editor and the writing coach for the Dallas Morning News and a frequent speaker on effective communications, has created an excellent collection of concise writing tips. Her practical articles get right to the point, explain the problem, offer solutions and also include helpful examples. LaRocque's writing aide is a much-needed companion for anyone involved in writing, especially freelancers, journalists and communications' professionals.

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This review was published in the March, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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