Castles in the Mist

by Josie Litton

Bantam, November, 2002.
Paperback, 368 pages.
ISBN: 0553583913
Subgenre: Historical

Castles in the Mist by Josie Litton The bestselling Akora trilogy comes to satisfying conclusion with the events chronicled in Castles in the Mist. The ruler, or Vanax, of the island kingdom of Akora saw a vision of his future wife during the secret ceremony in which he became king. The woman, Brianna, has lived on Akora since her English parents were killed in a shipwreck. Atreus discovers, too late, that Brianna has returned to England to find her family. Following her to England, Atreus is determined to make Brianna fall in love with him. But Brianna may belong to a group on Akora which wants Atreus overthrown, and Atreus knows more about the death of Brianna's parents than he has let on. This makes their courtship a rocky one, to say the least.

Josie Litton does a marvelous job of winding up this unusual historical fantasy series, set in England's regency period. The beautiful and secret island nation of Akora provides the perfect backdrop for the romance, danger and intrigue of this story. Brianna and Atreus make a lively couple, and their story makes for wonderful reading.

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