CareerXRoads 2003

by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

MMC Group, February, 2003.
Trade Paperback, 456 pages.
ISBN: 0965223981

CareerXRoads 2003 by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler CareerXRoads is an annual guide that lists and describes the best online career websites. The guide provides information for both recruiters and job seekers. The latest edition of the book (the 8th) contains an index of over 2,500 career-related websites, with reviews of 500 websites. Each website review provides information about the type of jobs found on the website, the number of job postings, the cost to post jobs or resumes and a paragraph describing the job website. The book contains handy indexes which help readers quickly find job websites by industry and geographic location. Another index helps readers determine whether a website charges fees to job seekers or recruiters. A list of links to staffing pages for large corporations is also provided. CareerXRoads 2003 Edition is a must-have for both people looking for a job online and for recruiters looking to hire employees with the help of the Internet.

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This review was published in the June-July, 2003 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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