Burning the Map

by Laura Caldwell

Red Dress Ink, November, 2002.
Trade paperback, 288 pages.
ISBN: 0373250215

Burning the Map by Laura Caldwell To most people, Casey Evers looks like she has it all: a new job at a top law firm, a devoted boyfriend and a nice family. But Casey is not even sure she wants to be a lawyer, and spend her days taking endless depositions, and defending medical malpractice suits. And her boyfriend John is nice, but is he perhaps a little boring? Before she settles into this predictable life that she has chosen for herself, Casey agrees to head off to Rome and Greece for one last fun trip with her best friends, Kat and Lindsey. Suddenly, Casey finds herself on an emotional roller coaster. She, Kat and Lindsey just can't seem to get along, for one thing. Her friends accuse of her of changing since she met John. And Casey finds herself attracted first to an Italian man and then to an Irishman -- whom Lindsey also finds attractive. Between picnicking at the Roman Coliseum after dark and partying all night on the Greek island of Ios, Casey realizes that she really can't escape from herself, no matter how far she travels. More importantly, she realizes that it's time to make some important decisions about her priorities in life.

Burning the Map is a fast, funny and heartfelt journey into a young woman's life. With all the choices which women face today, readers will certainly be able to identify with Casey's inner (sometimes hilariously neurotic) dialogue as she muses over her future. The backgrounds of Rome and Greece are vividly portrayed, as are the characters of Kat and Lindsey. Ms. Caldwell also explores the theme of the importance of female friendship in women's lives. This is a fast-paced, funny and sexy novel which is sure to garner first-time author Laura Caldwell a devoted following.

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