Bobbi Brown Beauty Revolution

by Bobbi Brown with Sally Wadyka

Harper Resource, October, 2002.
Hardcover, 211 pages.
ISBN: 0060088818

Bobbi Brown Beauty Revolution by Bobbi Brown with Sally Wadyka World-renowned makeup artist and founder of the eponymous cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown has created a makeup and style bible which really does have something for everyone. Brown covers basic skincare, hair care and makeup application for each decade of life, from the 20s through the 70s and beyond. Using ordinary people of all ethnicities as models, she presents 300 photographs to demonstrate her techniques. She also addresses the common pitfalls of aging, and how to disguise (naturally) time's remorseless advance.

Her makeup tips are plentiful and sound, although there are some other experts that do not agree with her insistence on yellow-based foundation for most skin colors. With a chatty tone, the book is an easy read, giving readers the feeling that Brown is looking over her shoulder giving some friendly advice. There is a great deal of know-how packed into this book; this is a must-have for anyone who enjoys looking her best, well into her 80s and beyond.

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