Blood Moon Over Britain

by Morag McKendrick Pippin

Leisure Books, December, 2005.
Paperback, 323 pages.
ISBN: 0843955821
Subgenre: Historical

Blood Moon Over Britain by Morag McKendrick Pippin In early 1942, things aren't looking so good for Britain. World War II is in fullswing, but the Americans haven't yet entered the conflict. London is under constant air attacks and food is being rationed. Cicely Winterbourne works at Bletchley Park on a top secret code-breaking project. When members of the code-breaking team start showing up dead, Scotland Yard Special Branch Inspector Alistair Fielding wants to know why. And when he finds ex-soldier and current Bletchley employee Graham Mason dead in his bath of an apparent suicide, his interest immediately turns to Cicely, who is Graham's cousin and co-worker. Cicely can't tell Alistair anything about her work (it's top secret) and so she decides to investigate on her own.

Alistair and Cicely get along smashingly, but they don't trust one another one bit. Meanwhile, a murderer is on the loose. Cicely and Alastair eventually do team up, but Alistair doesn't much care for espionage and intrigue: he's more of a straightforward soldier than a spy who can lie at the drop of a hat. Still, he does find Cicely to be the most intriguing woman he's ever met.

Morag McKendrick Pippin takes readers right into the heart of the London Blitz with this exciting historical romance. Ms. Pippin has all the lingo and historical details down pat: the atmosphere is authentic. But it is the intrepid Cicely and her feisty Scottish inspector that take center stage here. With edge of your seat suspense, a fascinating mystery and an appealing heroine, Blood Moon Over Britain will thrill both romance and historical fiction fans.

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