Beautiful Dreamer

by Elizabeth Lowell

William Morrow, January, 2001.
Hardcover, 320 pages.
ISBN: 0380789930
Subgenre: Contemporary Western

Beautiful Dreamer by Elizabeth Lowell Hope Gardner loves her family's ranch more than anything. But the relentless drought has parched the land and the water table is sinking day by day as the cattle grow thirstier. The ranch is dying and so are Hope's dreams, when a stranger appears just in the nick of time. The handsome and mysterious Rio has a reputation as being able to find water anywhere. But he is a "brother to the wind" who makes other people's dreams come true, never staying anywhere for long. As he and Hope search for water, their attraction grows for one another. But Rio, the grandson of a Zuni shaman and a Swedish missionary, knows he must leave and resists the attraction. Convinced that a white woman would never want a man of mixed heritage, he is determined to keep his distance. Can these two lonely souls find a way to overcome their differences to be together?

Beautiful Dreamer is an updated and expanded version of Elizabeth Lowell's classic and beloved Valley of the Sun. It is a lush and romantic story of two very strong and passionate people set against the beautiful and harsh landscape of Nevada. Rio (think Lorenzo Lamas) is a dreamy hero and Hope is an idealist who is willing to sacrifice everything for what she loves most. Elizabeth Lowell fans will be thrilled with this timeless and sweeping romance.

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