Be Your Own Literary Agent

by Martin B. Levin

Ten Speed Press, February, 2002.
Paperback, 242 pages.
ISBN: 1580083382

Be Your Own Literary Agent by Martin B. Levin This is the third edition of this book which provides inside information about the trade business of agents, as well as practical advice for writers. This revised edition includes new information about publishers who accept manuscript submissions, ebooks, electronic rights and standard terms used by publishing professionals. Levin provides information about the work agents do, and includes explanations of query letters, cover letters, book proposals (with examples), and book contracts. The book also covers another important subject -- money. In easy to understand language, the author shows you what makes a poor deal, a fair deal and a good deal when negotiating a contract for a first novel.

Martin P. Levin has spent over fifty years in the publishing business and has been involved with top authors including Stephen King, Ken Follett and Erika Jong. Currently, he works for an intellectual property firm and is a professor at the New York University Law School. Levin does a superb job of explaining contracts, rights and legal terms in laymen's terms. Even if you decide not to be your own agent, you will learn so much about the process what agents do that you will certainly make an informed decision when you do choose an agent. Levin's book is jam-packed with exactly the kind of information writers need to get their work published, and get paid for their efforts.

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This review was published in the April, 2002 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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