An Actor's Guide: Your First Year in Hollywood

by Michael Saint Nicholas

Allworth Press, 2000.
Paperback, 261 pages.
ISBN: 158115058X

An Actor's Guide: Your First Year in Hollywood by Michael Saint Nicholas Are you thinking of trying to be an actor or an actress and moving to Hollywood? If you are going to make the move, you should arm yourself with plenty of information, as many before you have failed. This guide from Michael Saint Nicholas, an experienced actor and writer, covers many of the things actor wannabees (who are actually brave enough to move to Hollywood), should know. The book teaches budding actors everything they need to know including life in L.A., getting work as an extra, headshots, resumes, getting your SAG card, building your credentials, finding an agent and auditioning. Other helpful advice includes a chapter on finding ways to support yourself, which lists common jobs actors hold to support themselves including bartender, waiter/waitress, retail, instructor, dancer/performer, airline employee and many others. The book also includes a great deal of advice from successful actors and producers. A reference section in the book includes a directory of SAG-franchised talent agencies, Soap Opera contact addresses, SAG contracts, sample audition sign-in sheets, game show contacts, studio addresses and a glossary. This is great reading material and advice for serious novice actors - or anyone who has a friend or loved one who wants to be one.

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This review was published in the June, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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