All About Passion

by Stephanie Laurens

Avon, September, 2001.
Paperback, 432 pages.
ISBN: 0380812029
Subgenre: Historical

All About Passion by Stephanie Laurens Gyles Rawlings, the fifth Earl of Chillingworth, is an honorary member of the notorious Cynster clan. Like the other handsome rakes in the club, he also is determined not to marry for love. After all, a wife is just a necessary accoutrement to his lifestyle -- a means to an end -- who should not curtail his extracurricular activities. Accordingly, Gyles offers for the hand of country heiress Francesca Rawlings, the daughter of an old friend. Gyles has never seen Francesca, and mistakes her for Francesca's cousin, a mild-mannered miss that he decides will suit his needs just fine. At his wedding, Gyles finds himself married to the real Francesca, a fiery beauty that makes his heart race. He's determined not to fall in love with his wife, and she's determined that he will. But unfortunately, someone is determined that Francesca die before the couple have a chance to resolve their differences.

Stephanie Laurens turns the heat up in this latest installment of the Cynster series, and it's one of her best works. Francesca is one of the most appealing heroines to come along in a while; she's bold, brash and intelligent. The sparks really fly between Francesca and her reluctant groom, and the mystery adds just the right tough of danger to the story. As always, Laurens keeps the heat turned way up in the sensuality department, and her plot is intriguing.

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