Alexander the Great: The Legend of a Warrior King

by Peter Chrisp, Illustrations by Peter Dennis

DK Discoveries, September, 2000.
Hardcover, 48 pages.
ISBN: 0789461668
Ages 9-12

Alexander the Great: The Legend of a Warrior King by Peter Chrisp The life of Alexander the Great is chronicled in vivid detail in this latest entry in the popular DK Discovery series. Author Peter Chrisp provides a fascinating portrait of the man who conquered most of the known world by 323 AD. The book spans a lifetime: from Alexander's childhood when he learned music and horsemanship, to his ascendancy as King of Macedon when his father King Philip died, to his brilliant military campaigns to his death from a raging fever at the age of 32. Alexander was one of the greatest generals in world history, who won over 20 sieges, but also found the time to build over 19 cities, including Alexandria, which is still Egypt's second largest city. Alexander's quest to conquer Persia was filled with bloodshed and warfare, but there are also stories of his compassion and justice. Although there are no original statues or illustrations of Alexander left, a stunning archeological find of the undisturbed tomb of King Philip allowed scientists to recreate a lifelike sculpture of the head of Alexander's father. With vivid illustrations, color photographs, interesting text and a wealth of detail, Alexander the Great: the Warrior King is an absolute must-have for the family library, which both adults and older children will enjoy.

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