A Path of Shadows

by Lauren Haney

Avon, October, 2003.
Paperback, 302 pages.
ISBN: 0060521902

A Path of Shadows by Lauren Haney Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, is excited about his new posting to Northern Egypt with his trusted company of men. But before he can leave for his new posting, he gets saddled with an unwanted investigation into the disappearance of a young explorer named Minnakht. Minnakht set out on a journey in the vast Egyptian desert to find his fortune. His guide returned, he did not. Now Minnakht's influential father demands an investigation. Bak, with several of his trusted policemen, heads into the desert with Minnakht's former guide, Senna. They join forces with another caravan, but murder seems to dog the expedition. Bak will have to use all his wits to solve the mystery of the missing explorer -- and make it out of the desert alive.

Ancient Egypt comes alive in this well-crafted mystery from author Laura Haney. Haney presents us with an ancient Egypt with all its imperfections: the heat of the desert, the smell in the streets and the cruelty of the life of the poor. But she also presents us with the exotic: Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut's turquoise mines and stark beauty of the moonlit desert in which assassins hide. Bak has a logical mind, and mystery lovers will enjoy his thought processes as he follows the clues to the disappearance. Tightly plotted, with believable characters and a leisurely pace, A Path of Shadows is a satisfying and interesting read for historical mystery fans.

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