A Kiss Before Dawn

by Kimberly Logan

Avon, December, 2005.
Paperback, 375 pages.
ISBN: 0060792469
Subgenre: Historical

A Kiss Before Dawn by Kimberly Logan In 1827 England, the ton is abuzz about the latest daring robbery by the Oxfordshire Thief, who just made off with several thousands pounds worth of jewelry during the middle of Lord and Lady Fulberry's chic dinner party. The Earl Tristan heads to London to hire his protege, Peter Quick, who is like a son to him. Peter was rescued from the streets by the Earl and is now a respected Bow Street Runner. Peter agrees to go to the country with the Earl to find the thief. What neither man knows is that the infamous thief is Tristan's sister Lady Emily who is only stealing because she is being blackmailed over information that -- if it ever came to light -- could ruin her beloved brother Tristan and his wife Deirdre (See, A Kiss in the Dark). Peter and Emily have a history: he jilted her years ago when he realized that they had no future because of the difference in their stations in life, but the feelings between them still run deep. When Emily finds out that the brilliant and persistent Peter is there to find the thief, she is terrified. Still, she is determined to keep the blackmailer quiet, while trying to keep Peter from finding out the truth.

Kimberly Logan is a fresh new voice in the romance world. A Kiss Before Dawn brings back some characters from her first book, A Kiss in the Dark, but the book reads equally well as a stand-alone. The mystery/thriller elements are quite interesting, and the romance is heartfelt and passionate in this very entertaining Regency tale.

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