A Forest of Stars

by Kevin J. Anderson

Warner Books, June, 2003.
Hardcover, 478 pages.
ISBN: 0446528714

A Forest of Stars by Kevin J. Anderson Building on the vast interstellar universe introduced in Hidden Empire, Kevin Anderson continues the saga of the gripping Seven Suns series. Unwittingly plunged into galactic war with the mysterious Hydrogues when they destroyed the gas giant homes of the powerful aliens, humanity is fighting for its very existence. The Hydrogues have ignored all the humans' efforts to explain that they did not know that the gas giants held intelligent life, and are systematically destroying human colonies. But the Hydrogues are not the only threat the humans face. The mysterious robots who claim not to remember what happened to the advanced race which created them, the Klikiss, have now shown their true faces. But there is some hope to be found in new allies. Two other ancient races of aliens have appeared: the water-based Wentals and the fiery Faeros, who both seem to despise the Hydrogues. Another seeming ally is the Illdirans, an advanced humanoid race, whose interests may not coincide with the humans. As the war progresses, it becomes clear that humanity will have to use all their ingenuity just to stay alive.

Although the scope of The Saga of the Seven Suns is epic, bestselling author Kevin Anderson follows the story from the perspectives of different, yet equally intriguing, characters: Prime Designate Jora'h, the heir to the Ildiran throne who vehemently opposes his father's plan for his people, Peter, the King of Old Earth, who is king in name only, but is determined to be more in order to help the Hansa alliance, Cesca Perron, the leader of the outlaw human Roamers who has to put her personal feelings aside in order to do her job, and many more. Anderson keeps the pace moving briskly and handles the multiple viewpoints will skill and ease. This is heart-pounding, exciting stuff, with exotic worlds, vivid characters and thought-provoking issues.

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