20 Master Plots

by Ronald B. Tobias

Writer's Digest Books, January, 2003.
Trade paperback, 236 pages.
ISBN: 1582972397

20 Master Plots by Ronald B. Tobias Many of the best novels contain plot elements that have been used thousands and thousands of times before. This book explains twenty effective plots and provides tips and checklists for writing the best possible story using each different plot. Twenty major plot themes, such as quests, adventures, revenge, underdog, forbidden love and sacrifice are explained thoroughly in the book. Each plot is explained in a single chapter which analysis the plot and offers examples and suggestions for what works and what does not.

Author Ronald B. Tobias has compiled an excellent collection of solid plot ideas and suggestions for would-be authors. The book helps writers get sense of what each different plot looks and feels like. Writers can then use this knowledge when writing their own novels and stories. By combining aspects of the plots provided by Tobias with their own unique story ideas, characters and themes, authors will have a good chance of crafting a compelling tale. Highly recommended.

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