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Religion and Myth

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Here is the collection of religion and myth resource links.

American Atheists
An organization laboring for the civil liberties of Atheists, and the total, absolute separation of government and religion.

BBC: Hinduism
Information about the Hinduism religion and its history provided by the BBC.

BBC: Islam
Information and history about the Islam religion provided by the BBC.

A Biblical Archaeology resource featuring articles, information and links to resources.

This website provides answer to bible questions plus research articles, links and additional resources.

The Buddhist Information Network provides meditations, articles, information about Buddhist history and culture, books and more.

Bulfinch's Mythology:
Full text of the classic mythology reference work online. Searchable

Encyclopedia Mythica
Encyclopedia Mythica is an internet encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and religion.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
The Iskcon website includes information about Krishna resources on the Internet.

Judaism 101
Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.

Myths and Legends Podcast
A podcast discussion myths and legends.

Perseus Project
The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond. Contains over 225 gigabytes of data.

Scientology Homepage
Provides information about Scientology, plus links to other internet resources.

Vatican: The Holy See
The official website for The Vatican. Includes news, articles and online archives.

Wikipedia: Religion
Facts and information about religions from Wikipedia including the five largest religions.

Zen Guide
An online guide to Buddhism with articles, discussion and links to additional resources.

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