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Here is the collection of oddities and odd news resource links.

Cosmiverse provides coverage of space-related news, including frequently updated news headlines and resources.

Mysterious Universe
A site covering strange and unusual happenings, including aliens and the paranormal.

NPR: Strange News
A collection of odd and strange news stories from NPR

Oddities & Curiousities Expo
A traveling oddities event that makes annual appearances in over a dozen cities each year.

A webzine with information about conspiracy theories, strange occurances and more. Also includes links to other resources.

Reuters: Oddly Enough
The latest odd and strange news from Reuters. Reuters calls this category, Oddly Enough.

SSR: UFOs and Aliens
The latest alien and UFO news from Science, Space & Robots.

UPI Odd News
The latest unusual and strange news from the UPI

Urban Legends Archive
Material from the alt.folklore.urban usenet group.

Yahoo Odd News
A collection of news headlines about oddities curated by Yahoo News.

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