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Here is the collection of geography and map links.

Bing Maps
An online mapping service provided by Bing, a search engine from Microsoft.

CIA World Factbook
The CIA maintains a detailed, encylopedic file on every country. The general public can access this information free of charge from the CIA World Factbook, which offers a wealth of socioeconomic data, population statistics, and area maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps provides online maps for many locations around the world as well as Street Level image views.

Government of Canada Primary Internet Site
Canadian official page with information about Canada, its government and its services. Has links to web sites for Canadian government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities.

Map Quest
At Map Quest you can pick any location in the world, and a map of the area quickly appears on your screen. You can zoom in down to street level or zoom out and pan the terrain.

National Geographic Map Machine
This web feature from National Geographic dynamically generates world maps with a wide variety of features.

Online Map News
The latest information about online map tools and websites.

USA Citylink
Comprehensive city travel reservation and information system for U.S. states and cities.

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