May 2006 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 10, Issue 4.

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Special Feature: The Da Vinci Code Links Page
Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code is a publishing phenomenon. An international bestseller, the novel ignited a firestorm of controversy over its subject matter. Denounced as heresy by the Catholic Church and hailed by feminists and others who believe that Mary Magdalene was never given her due as a co-founder of Christianity, the book was recently made into a feature film starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou which has broken box office records around the world. The book and the feature film release of The Da Vinci Code have raised questions about the history of religion and of the Catholic Church. The book also has made people curious about ancient symbols and mythology and inspired people to learn more about history and study art. In addition to all the controversy, The Da Vinci Code is great fun: it's a thriller that holds the readers' interest, as its protagonists jet around the world hoping to solve an ancient puzzle.

Director Ron Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsmith and Tom Hanks are already on board to film another Robert Langdon adventure, Angels and Demons. Angels and Demons is every bit as controversial as The Da Vinci Code, and takes readers deep into the secret Vatican archives as Dr. Langdon encounters The Illuminati and searches for the world's most powerful energy source. Meanwhile, Dan Brown is hard at work on his next novel, The Solomon Key. We've selected what we think are the best resources for The Da Vinci Code on the Web. We've also configured searches for you, so you can easily keep up with all the latest breaking Da Vinci Code news.

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