What Your Computer Consultant Doesn't Want You to Know

by Joshua Feinberg

Small Biz Tech Talk Press, October, 2002.
Paperback, 276 pages.
ISBN: 0971415382
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What Your Computer Consultant Doesn't Want You to Know by Joshua Feinberg Business managers and owners are always looking for a way to minimize those expensive computer consultant bills. Joshua Feinberg's latest book gives away the secrets which will allow non techies to avoid hiring a computer tech consultant every time there is a problem. Feinberg also provides practical advice and suggestions for things that can be done in the office that can minimize downtime, confusion and tech calls. The book is organized as a series of tips. Each tip contains a detailed description of the problems and possible solutions, plus additional tips, facts and web links where appropriate. 101 tips are included in the book covering topics like buying computers and software, printer maintenance, modems, Microsoft Office and Windows software, data backups and disaster plans, virus protection and upgrading Windows software. The main focus on the book is saving money through smart purchases and proper maintenance of equipment: great goals for any business. This is a terrific tool for lessening outsourcing costs, preventing disasters and freeing up work time for your employees. Highly recommended.

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