The Pearl Diver

by Sujata Massey

HarperCollins, August, 2004.
Hardcover, 352 pages.
ISBN: 0066212960
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The Pearl Diver by Sujata Massey Japanese-American antique dealer and designer Rei Shimura leads a very intriguing life indeed. After being banned from returning to Japan in the last book (See, The Samurai's Daughter), Rei has finally moved in with the fiancé, Scottish attorney Hugh Glendinning who works in Washington, D. C. But Rei is certainly not content to sit around Hugh's apartment planning her wedding. An introduction from her chic cousin Kendall Johnson to the owner of a hot new Asian restaurant called Bento leads to a job decorating the restaurant. Rei makes friends (and enemies) quickly, and soon is embroiled in the life of Andrea, the beautiful but aloof hostess, who asks Rei to help her find her Japanese war-bride mother who disappeared in the U.S. when Andrea was just a little girl. Then Rei's Aunt Norie arrives from Japan to help plan Rei's wedding, throwing Hugh's household into chaos (he has to move out, for one thing).

Sujata Massey expertly weaves together the poignant story of a missing Japanese bride who married a U.S. serviceman in Vietnam, the backstory of an ambitious and charismatic U.S. senator, and the ongoing angst of Rei's love life into a fascinating mystery which whets one's appetite for the next book.

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