Text Me: Everything You Need to Know About Text Messaging

Random House, January, 2002.
Paperback, 96 pages.
ISBN: 0553375962
Ages 9 - Adult
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Text Me: Everything You Need to Know About Text Messaging by HUH ABT TXT MSGNG? (Have you heard about text messaging?) That's what all those people are doing who are continually staring at their cell phones and pagers, while frantically typing in numbers and letters. Of course, with such a small readable space, you've got to condense your text so that it fits on the screen. Enter the new language called Text Messaging. All the kids know it, do you? Whether you're a parent, student or hip professional, you'd better spend a few minutes looking through this handy guide which gives you all the low down on how to communicate in the digital age. From expressions such as CUL8R (See you later) or DYOH (Do your own homework) to E-motions like HAK (Hugs and kisses) or VBEG -- you'll be able to fluently express yourself. DRA? (Don't recognize acronym?) Buy a copy of Text Me and you'll never be in the dark again.

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