PHP for the World Wide Web

by Larry Ullman

Peachpit Press, January, 2004.
Trade Paperback, 450 pages.
ISBN: 0321245652
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PHP for the World Wide Web by Larry Ullman PHP is a server-side scripting language written specifically for creating dynamic webpages. The use of PHP has soared over the past several years, because it is easy to use, free and cross-platform. This PHP programming guide combines screenshots with instructive text and code to help web developers quickly learn PHP concepts and skills. PHP concepts covered include a broad range of topics: basics, web applications, cookies, functions, arrays, files and databases.

Larry Ullman is a top PHP programmer and the author of four books on PHP, MySQL and Web development. Ullman's instruction is clear and concise. With his advice and examples, web developers will have no trouble absorbing PHP concepts and using what they know in their own PHP code and applications. A companion website is also provided which contains the scripts from the book and a helpful online support forum. This book was written with the beginner or nonprogrammer in mind, so it works well for novice web developers who know some HTML, but would like to add more interactive features to their websites.

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