Social Media Jobs

Social Media jobs typically involve managing the social media accounts for a brand or company. This can include posting updates, scheduling content and traffic analysis. You can find more about social media in our social media section.

Sally Beauty is looking for a Senior Manager Social Media. The position inlcudes developing a social media strategy, writing editorial, manage social media presence on social network sites, posting and more. The are looking for an applicant with 5+ years of retail experience. Denton, TX. (Job Listing)

Apple is looking for a Social Media Manager for Apple TV+. The position includes creating, implementing and measuring social media campaigns on a daily basis. They are looking for an applicant with at least 7 years of social media marketing campaign management, editorial, content creation and distribution required. Culver City, CA. (Job Listing)

Squarespace is looking for a Social Media Associate. The position includes scheduling and monitor social media content for Squarespace and Unfold on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Other responsibilities include tracking social metrics and community management. NY, NY. (Job Listing)