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Science Fiction Writing Resources

Here is the collection of science fiction writing resource links. Click here to return to the links section.

Books on Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing
Collection of books about fantasy & science fiction writing from the Writer's Bookstore.

The Online Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Convention Magazine

Hobgoblin.net provides links to hundreds of resources for fantasy and sf writers..

Locus Magazine
Website for the print version of Locus Magazine which provides book reviews, articles and inside information on the Science Fiction field.

Market List, The
Market resource for fantasy, horror and science fiction markets.

Newsgroup: alt.marketplace.books.sf
Newsgroup for discussion and buying and selling of Science Fiction books.

Newsgroup: alt.pulp
Newsgroup for discussion of Pulp

Newsgroup: aus.sf
Newsgroup for discussion of Australian SF authors and books.

Newsgroup: can.arts.sf
Newsgroup for discussion of Canadian Science Fiction.

Newsgroup: rec.arts.sf.announce
Newsgroup for important sf-related announcements.

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