Writing Prompt Resources

We will continue to add new original prompts on our writing prompts page but you don't have to worry. Writing prompts are not a scarce resource. They are all over the Internet. They can be found on social media, on writing sites and in forums. Here are a few good spots to find prompts:

Poetry Prompts: Our poetry prompts page can inspire you to write a poem. It might even inspire you to write a short story.

Journal Prompts - Our journal prompts can help you keep the entries in your journal flowing. No more looking at blank page.

Writing Prompts for Kids - Find resources that contain writing prompts for kids. These could also be used by creatively thinking adults.

Writer's Digest Prompts: Writer's Digest has a prompts section that is updated weekly. You can write and leave a response to the prompt in the comments section.

Writing Prompts Tumblr: The Writing Prompts Tumblr blog has a lot of different writing prompts in addition to text. It also uses photographs and puzzles to get you thinking.

Reddit Writing Prompts: The Writing Prompt Reddit is a great source for inspiration. In addition to prompts there are also command-like prompts, such as " Just write a nice story about someone having a good day."

Writing Prompts on Twitter: A search for "writing prompts" on Twitter brings up the latest prompts Twitter users are sharing. Some of them are quite good.

The Time Is Now: The Time is Now from Poets & Writers provides a weekly writing prompt in addition to poetry prompts. The section uses recent events, famous writers and famoue literature to come up with writing prompts and exercises.

Writing Prompts on Pinterest: A search for writing prompts on Pinterest will provide many pinned graphic images of writing prompts to spark your creativity.

Story Starters at The Literacy Shed - The Literacy Shed has a collection of over 50 different story starters.

The Writer Writing Prompts: The Writer magazine has a big collection of over 150 writing prompts with new ones added frequently.