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  • Writers Guild of America, West
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  • The Writers' Guild of Great Britain
  • Writers Guild of Canada
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  • Writer's Blog: Writers' Strike - our blog coverage of the strike.
  • Alligators in a Helicopter - blog by a professional script reader
  • Defamer - L.A. gossip rag
  • Deadline Hollywood Daily - Nikki Finke's blog
  • The Disney Blog - Disney news and information
  • Get Back in That Room - blog lists people laid off because of halted tv production
  • Huffington Post Writers' Strike Opinions
  • Jane in Progress - Jane Espenson's blog.
  • John August - screenwriter blog
  • Ken Levine's Blog - Emmy winning writer/director/producer
  • Kung Fu Monkey - writer John Rogers' blog
  • LateShowWritersonStrike.com - Writers from the Late Show with David Letterman
  • News From Me - Mark Evanier's blog
  • Rob Long - writer and producer, "Cheers", "George and Leo"
  • Pamie.com by author and screenwriter Pamela Ribon.
  • Past Deadline by Ray Richmond
  • Ronald D. Moore - exec producer and head writer of Battlestar Galactica
  • The Slack Daily by Nina Bargiel, sometimes TV writer and full time slackmistress.
  • Strike Zone - New York Magazine's strike blog
  • TV Decoder - tv blog from the New York Times
  • TV Squad - tv blog
  • United Hollywood - unofficial blog started by a group of strike captains
  • The Watcher - Chicago Tribune tv blog written by Maureen Ryan
  • Watchers Watch - tv and film blog
  • WriterAction.com - online community of professional screen and tv writers
  • Writers Strike: A Punch From the Picket Line
  • Writers Strike Chronicles - blog by Tanja Barnes

    Fan Support

  • Fans4Writers.com - website for fans supporting the writers.
  • Fans for the WGA
  • Hollywood Interrupted
  • Online Petition in support of writers
  • Support your local writer with a snappy t-shirt
  • StrikeSwag.com

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  • KNBC
  • LAist
  • Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Metroblogging Los Angeles
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  • Pepperdine University Poll: 63% support the writers; 4% support the AMPTP and 33% are unsure.


  • Ask a Ninja: Special Delivery 17 "Writer's Strike"
  • Best Week Ever: Network TV without writers
  • The Office is Closed
  • Huge Writers Rally outside Fox Studios
  • John Green compares book royalties to residuals
  • Not the Daily Show
  • Opressed Studio Exec hits the picket line
  • Stars join writers on the picket line
  • Tim Kazurinsky Riffs on Writers Strike on WGN
  • The Voices of Uncertainty
  • Writers strike explained by a five-year-old
  • Why We Fight - video that explains why the writers are striking
  • WGA America YouTube Channel
  • Writers Strike Dance

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