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Description: is a comprehensive powerboating and fishing online magazine.

Editor(s): Valarie Thorpe

Needs: We are interested in _x000D_ how-to articles that might teach an experienced _x000D_ boater something new; interview-driven features _x000D_ covering both trends in the boating industry and _x000D_ people who have a passion for boating; in-depth _x000D_ current event coverage; and travel pieces that _x000D_ take a unique look at a unique place, yet still _x000D_ emphasize the boating aspect. Our focus is almost _x000D_ exclusively powerboating and fishing. Our audience _x000D_ is made up of experienced boaters.

Length: Full length features should be 800 to 1,000 words._x000D_ We also run shoter articles of 400 to 500 words, _x000D_ and short-shorts of 250 words (these include new _x000D_ product spotlights, news briefs, etc.).

Rights: We purchase all online rights. The writer retains _x000D_ all print rights, and online reprint rights revert _x000D_ back to the writer after one year -- although we _x000D_ do not remove the piece from our archives, writers _x000D_ are free to resell it to other online outlets.

Payment: We pay $100 for the online rights for full-length_x000D_ features (800 to 1,000 words); $50 for shorter _x000D_ pieces (approx. 400 to 500 words); and $25 for _x000D_ short-shorts of 250 words (these include new _x000D_ product spotlights, news briefs, etc.)._x000D_ We also pay $10 each for supporting photos used._x000D_ _x000D_

Tips: Please research the magazine to see the types of _x000D_ articles we run, and to make sure your topic has _x000D_ not been covered already in the same way. Also, _x000D_ please be very specific in your query about what _x000D_ information will be covered in the article, and _x000D_ include as much detail as possible. The more _x000D_ specific and original the query, the more likely_x000D_ we will want to work with that writer!

How to Submit: Please submit a query via email to Valarie Thorpe_x000D_ ( providing as much _x000D_ detail as possible about the suggested article, _x000D_ including the focus, potential interview subjects,_x000D_ a sample lead paragraph or two and availability _x000D_ and description of photographs. Please also _x000D_ include a couple of published writing samples -- _x000D_ URLs to online work are fine, or forward printed _x000D_ clips to: Valarie Thorpe, Solutions Factory, Inc., _x000D_ 1801 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 400, Reston, VA, _x000D_ 20191._x000D_ Please submit email attachments as Microsoft Word _x000D_ documents, or include all information in the body_x000D_ of the email.

Response Time: We generally respond within 1-2 weeks.

Address: 1801 Robert Fulton Drive Suite 400 Reston VA 20191 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2000-09-04