Single Girls' Guide

Publisher: SGG

Established: 2003

Frequency: monthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Newsletter for female travellers in the 18-30 age group, whether they are solo backpackers, sun seekers or business travellers.

Editor(s): Claire Stowbridge, Melissa Castle

Needs: Destination articles. Informative, readable guides to cities, countries or regions. Sidebars covering personal safety, useful words and phrases, or reviews of hotels, restaurants, shops or nightspots are useful. _x000D_

_x000D_ Personal experience. A personal account of your travels. Can be in the form of a travel article, journal or 'postcard from...'. _x000D_

_x000D_ Travel tips. Anything from safety to packing advice._x000D_

_x000D_ News. Details of events, new travel destinations, safety advice, etc. _x000D_

_x000D_ Reviews. Your views on hotels, shops, restaurants, nightlife...

Length: open

Payment: We would be happy to include your byline, bio, email address and/or web address.

How to Submit: Email either proposals or finished articles to

Response Time: Up to 2 weeks.

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