Publisher: Raza Zaidi

Established: 2003

Frequency: Monthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Panorama is an unbiased and independent monthly magazine formed of writings by people from around the world.

Editor(s): Raza Zaidi

Needs: Fiction: Short stories of any genre except for erotica.
_x000D_ Non-Fiction: Sections on Politics, Real Life accounts, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Technology. Mostly we accept opinion articles but we also accept theories, experiments and papers for the science and technology section.

Length: Short stories must less than 2000 words in length. Contact the editor if you wish to submit a longer story. There is no specific word limit for other sections.

Rights: One displaying rights and rights of archives for 18 months. We cannot sell your writing and cannot stop you from submitting your writing somewhere else.

Payment: Panorama will promote the work of the authors and work for the sales of writings by other larger publications._x000D_ Authors cannot include links in bios, however they can put up advertising banners for free. Authors not capable of creating banners are provided with one.

Tips: Pick a topic not previously discussed or counter an opinion already voiced. Panorama is basically an unbiased opinion magazine, and we require writings from all side of an issue.

How to Submit: Just email the department of your interest. The addresses can be found on the following page or In the email give your name, and a brief summary of your intended submission. You will then be contacted with further details._x000D_

Response Time: It takes less than 24 hours. Mostly authors are even contacted within 12 hours.

Guidelines Url:

Address: 165B, Block 3, Furvah Homes, PECHS Karachi Sind 75400 Pakistan

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2003-10-01