Publisher: Paul Andrew Dawkins

Established: 2000

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Description: Celebrations is a series of 35 books that will feature letters celebrating loved ones written by people of all ages from around the US

Editor(s): Paul Andrew Dawkins

Needs: CeLEBRATIONS [ISSN 1536-4941]:
_x000D_ We are looking for heartfelt, detailed letters celebrating loved ones and other special individuals (alive or deceased) for this series of books to benefit the not-for-profit, child support organization, THE DAWKINS PROJECT. Letters will be accompanied by photographs of the letter writer, as well as the subject of the letter._x000D_ Titles in this 35 book series include:_x000D_ [1] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my mother _x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-0-2]
_x000D_ [2] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to father _x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-1-0]
_x000D_ [3] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my brother_x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-2-9]
_x000D_ [4] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my sister_x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-3-7]
_x000D_ [5] CeLEBRATINS-notes to my grandmother_x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-4-5]
_x000D_ [6] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to my grandfather_x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-5-3]
_x000D_ [7] CeLEBRATIONS-notes to God_x000D_ [ISBN 0-9715016-9-6]

Length: open

Payment: $25 per letter upon publication of book in which letter appears. First 10 titles should be published by Fall 2002

Tips: Letter writers should simply focus on writing heartfelt letters celebrating their loved ones.

How to Submit: Submissions can be sent by email at celebrationsseries@yahoo.com, or by mail at CeLEBRATIONS, 1531 Palmer Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Response Time: two weeks

Address: 1531 Palmer Drive Fayettville NC 28303 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2001-10-01