Shy Librarian, The

Publisher: Librarybook, Inc.

Established: 2001

Frequency: 4 times per year

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Serves to promote libraries, librarians, and books. Features one original short story per issue. Over 75 book reviews per issue.

Editor(s): Marcia Trotta

Needs: WANTED: Fictional Library Short Stories _x000D_ THE SHY LIBRARIAN magazine is accepting short stories (from 1,000 to 1,500 words) for publication in each issue of the print quarterly. Submitted fiction must feature a librarian or a library setting, though stories do not have to be about librarianship per se. _x000D_ One piece is published per print issue with the writer receiving $25 and ten free copies of the magazine. You do not have to be a librarian or work in a library to submit a story to SHY.
_x000D_ Please send your short story submissions to:
_x000D_ www.shylibrarian.com_x000D_

Length: Fictional short stories under 1,500 words.

Rights: Your story is published in one print issue of The Shy Librarian (and on the SHY website), but you retain the rights to your story.

Payment: $25 per original short story accepted, and 10 copies of The Shy Librarian magazine in which your story appears.

Tips: No cliches about librarians please. Make your characters interesting, not predictable. Enough with the sentimentality!

How to Submit: send to: Word format preferred.

Response Time: Within one week for the initial response.

Guidelines Url:

Address: 67 Van Buren Avenue West Hartford CT 06107 usa

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