Real Food For Health and Pleasure

Publisher: Sandra Yvonne Duke

Established: 2004

Frequency: every 1-2 weeks

Website URL:

Description: Real Food For Health and Pleasure is a newsletter dedicated to the pure enjoyment of food! how to eat healthy food without going low fat, low carb, etc, but rather by eating quality, natural foods, time and money saving tips, and more.

Editor(s): Sandra Yvonne Duke

Needs: Real Food For Health and Pleasure is seeking food articles, including but not limited to time saving, money saving, cooking for pets, cooking for kids, cooking tools, finding hard to find foods, food trivia, substitutions for special diets, seasonal foods, home cooking, meal planning, and of course anything about organic foods and pasture raised meats. We also accept recipes. Future issues will include topics such as: How to address special diets when cooking for guests; Looking at an entire week rather than trying to get your nutritional balance from each day; The dangers of using microwave ovens and (since the danger of not using microwaves is that some of us would starve) how to use them more safely; Meal planning and cooking ahead; Kitchen miracles – make a wonderful meal when you thought you were out of food, or lacked the “proper” ingredients and/or tools; Buying in bulk and food storage; Time saving features with an emphasis on real home cooked food rather than prepackaged foods; Make good food fun and appealing to kids; Food History.

Length: open

Payment: Real Food For Health and Pleasure will include a bio, links and/or ads. Regular contributors will be invited to be listed as staff writers.

How to Submit: : Sumbit or query via email to Sandra Duke - No attachments.

Response Time: Typical response time is one to two days. If you do not receive a response within one week send a follow up email.

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2004-08-31