SkyWritings, Air Jamaica's Inflight Magazine

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Description: Travelogues that focus on Air Jamaica's destinations, including adventure, off the beaten track, art, cuisine, humor and sports, resorts and attractions.

Editor(s): Odette Dixon, Editor

Needs: SkyWritings is looking for articles_x000D_ and essays on travel in the Caribbean and North America. We welcome_x000D_ reviews and personality profiles of people who are of Caribbean heritage_x000D_ and are successful in the US and celebrities who visit the Caribbean. US_x000D_ Cities of interest: New York; Washington, Houston, Boston, Chicago,_x000D_ Baltimore, Newark, Philadelphia, Los Angeles; Atlanta; Fort Lauderdale;_x000D_ Miami; Orlando, Phoenix Caribbean: Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican_x000D_ Republic, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Curacoa and Bonaire

Length: 500 to 1800 words

Payment: 10 cents per word payable on publication. _x000D_

Tips: We are a travel magazine focussed on life and style_x000D_ in the Caribbean We look for features that are exciting and entertaining_x000D_ and will stimulate interests in the Caribbean as well as several North_x000D_ American cities.

How to Submit: Send queries to Odette Dixon Editor_x000D_ SkyWritings Magazine P.O. Box 105 Kingston 10, Jamaica email:_x000D_

Address: P.O. Box 105 Kingston 10 Jamaica

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2001-08-20