Crossroads Magic

Publisher: Susie Hawes

Established: 2003 for the love of/2004 semi pro

Frequency: bimonthly

Website URL: http;//

Description: crossgenre short fiction, contests, reviews

Needs: we are looking for a variety of genres. No hard core erotica or porn/child abuse, no abuse for the sake of abuse. It has to meet the story's needs. We accept reprints, (At full price) and multiple submissions. Full up on horror, full till november. would like tosee westerns, romance, mystey, sci fi, comedy always a plus._x000D_ we definately accept any cross-genre pieces. non fiction and essays welcome.

Length: up to 2400, but will consider longer pieces

Rights: one time, non-exclusive electronic rights. if this is an original work, these are first rights as well.

Payment: poetry $5, shorts, non fiction $10.00_x000D_ contest: top 3 entries are published in the mag and split one half of the entry fees, up to 500.00 dollars. U.S. currency. Pay pal preferred, but will mail a check_x000D_ payment 30 days after publication

Tips: If we're full up, feel free to try the contest. It's actually a bigger pay check, most of the time, and I save 3 slots i each issue to publish winners. Be sure to include bio!

How to Submit: form on line at if we accept you will be asked to send an rtf with address for payment and bio. Include links to your authr's page!

Response Time: 1-2 months

Guidelines Url:

Address: 23 blair house lane Wichita Falls TX 76306 U.S.A.

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2004-08-30