Happy Insomniac

Publisher: Karen Gsteiger/Happy Insomniac

Established: 2005

Frequency: frequently--at least once a week

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.happyinsomniac.com

Description: Online literary zine specializing in fiction, essays, poetry, reviews, blogging even haikus! Submissions desperately wanted!

Editor(s): Karen Gsteiger

Needs: We accept short stories, poetry (especially fun haikus), literary essays, and reviews of movies, books, or music. Please submit finished content only. We accept previously published submissions, but we would especially love to receive content written specifically for our publication.

Length: open/negotiable

Rights: First world serial rights/second world serial rights, depending on whether or not your selection has been previously published.

Payment: At this point, we cannot offer compensation other than the joy of seeing your name and work in HTML.

Tips: The best advice I can give is to go to our website first and read the articles currently posted to determine whether your piece will fit in with the tone and genre of ours. We try our best to keep an open mind about all types of submissions, but you would most likely find more success with a funny, irreverent short story than you would a long, academic treatise. Also, attention to punctuation and grammar is highly appreciated.

How to Submit: Please send Word document attachments to happyinsomniaczine@yahoo.com (preferred method of submission)

Response Time: We can't promise you that your submission will be posted, but we can assure you that your submission will be read and responded to quickly! (Can't make any ironclad guarantees, but at this point, you will typically hear back from us within a few days.)

Guidelines Url: http://www.happyinsomniac.com/about.html

Address: 5421 N. East River Road #1006 Chicago IL 60656 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2005-07-12