Ancient Paths

Publisher: Skylar Burris

Established: 1998

Frequency: Once every two years

Accepts Email Submissions: No

Website URL:

Description: Poetry, stories, art work, and photography for the thinking, literary Christian. Digest-sized, 80+ pages, with cardstock covers.

Editor(s): Skylar Burris

Needs: Short stories and creative nonfiction (i.e., could pass for fiction, but it really happened) to 2,500 words. Past tense narration and third person generally preferred. Stories should explore Christian or broad religious themes in a SUBTLE manner. Looking for good character development, a meaningful (but NOT preachy) message, a believable plot, and fluid prose. Contemporary and literary fiction preferred, but genre fiction considered. Looking for more quality humour/satire.

Length: 500 - 2,500 words

Rights: One time rights or reprint rights.

Payment: $6 and one free copy per story, drawing, or photograph.

Tips: Order and read a sample copy. Show, don't tell. Make the reader BOTH think AND feel. Convey a message without being didactic.

How to Submit: Send by USPS mail with an SASE to Skylar Burris, Editor at PO Box 7505 Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Include your name, address, e-mail address (if any) and word count on the top of the first page. Staple (do not paperclip) pages together. Double-space prose. If you want the manuscript returned, include sufficient postage and a large enough envelope. Otherwise, a no. 10 envelope with one first-class stamp for reply only. No cover letter required.

Response Time: No queries (send complete ms.). Initial response within 5 weeks (at this time you will either receive a rejection or a

Guidelines Url:

Address: PO Box 7505 Fairfax Station VA 22039 USA

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