Slag City Science Fiction Ezine

Publisher: Tom Rice

Established: 2002

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Fiction set in a post-holocaust world during the second rise of America.

Editor(s): Tom Rice

Needs: Slag City Science Fiction Ezine features post-holocaust stories set in America. It is a shared world environment, which encourages writers to interact with eachother. Fiction only. Fiction can be harsh, but no pornography. There should be a point to your story: the reader should leave your story reflecting upon a principle or ideal.

Length: Open

Rights: Because this is a shared world, where writers will gain the ability to use characters from other authors, Slag City retains permanent rights to characters used in stories, and co-owns stories with the individual writers. Please see site for more informat

Payment: No payment at this time, though writers will retain right to negotiate should we republish in book form.

How to Submit: Accept submissions via e-mail only. Please include the item within the text of your e-mail rather than as an attachment.

Response Time: 1-3 weeks

Address: P.O. Box 216 Gosport IN 47433 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2002-07-21