Rational Paganism

Publisher: Julie Ann Dawson

Established: 2003

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.geocities.com/rationalpaganism

Description: A resource for individuals interested in religion and paganism.

Editor(s): Julie Ann Dawson

Needs: Currently looking for book reviews up to 1000 words and serious essays regarding alternative faiths up to 3,000 words. Also accepts spiritual poetry.

Length: Book reviews: up to 1000 words_x000D_ essays: up to 3000 words._x000D_ poetry: no line or style limit

Rights: All rights revert to author upon publication.

Payment: Poems will include author bios. Essays and book reviews may include author bios and weblinks.

Tips: Please review the website before submitting. Do not waste my time with homemade spells for love and happiness, why animal sacrifice/drugs/orgies should be protected by the first ammendment, or rants blasting Christianity. Our site is for serious spiritual discussion only.

How to Submit: Please send submissions in the body of the e-mail (no attachments). In the subject line, include the name of the article/poem and the words SUBMISSION FOR SITE. I do not open e-mails with no subject in the subject line or vague subjects.

Response Time: usually within one week, but allow up to 4 weeks for a response.

Guidelines Url: http://www.geocities.com/rationalpaganism

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2003-08-10