A History of Violence

Publisher: historyofviolence.net

Established: 2003

Frequency: Continually updating

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Description: A catalog of articles on violence in human history

Editor(s): LA Buroker

Needs: We are looking for nonfiction articles on violence in human history. This is a broad topic, and we are looking to build an extensive collection, but there are thousands of existing web sites on various wars, so we are looking more for information on capital punishment through the ages, torture, confinement, sadistic rituals, and unpleasantness of that nature. We are also looking for information on various fighting styles and martial codes from pre-history up to 21st century. Our intent is to build a reference for writers and anyone else curious about these subjects._x000D_

_x000D_ If you're not sure whether your subject fits our needs, feel free to query. We accept reprints.

Length: 500-3000 words (flexible)

Rights: You keep all rights to your articles. We hope you will let us host them on the page indefinitely, but if at any time you need to have your work removed, we will do so within one week after the request is received.

Payment: We are new and cannot afford to pay contributors at this time, but we will be happy to include links to your web page along with publications you may have available for online purchase. You may also include a bio if you wish.

Tips: Keep your style and language simple enough that high school-age readers will be able to understand your article. Proofread before sending, and make sure your facts are correct.

How to Submit: Please send submissions electronically, in the body of the email (we will not accept attachments). Double space between paragraphs, and indicate italics with asterisks, bold with [bold][/bold] tags around the words._x000D_

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