Horse Latitudes

Publisher: Horse Heritage Foundation

Established: 2002

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Preview of unpublished historic accounts, vintage photos, of history of Canada, USA, South America as related to equine subject matter.

Editor(s): Jan Haddle Davis

Needs: Synopsis/quotes from old journals(for example- Lewis and Clark), old news articles, original factual material. _x000D_ Oral history accounts from the West, Canada, South America. Clear footnotes, bibliography, further reading links. Writer must know the subject of equine pedigree history to write clearly. No first person accounts, quotes are fine accompanied by factual historic text. _x000D_ Best to view publication for style. _x000D_ New writers welcome. _x000D_ Published Authors owning out-of-print material invited to contribute and query on reprinting relevant books.

Length: up to 2000 words.

Rights: One time rights, unless otherwise noted for a compiled annual printed volume. Author will receive all particulars in a release form.

Payment: Author bio with weblinks to contributors. Initial article is non paying, however we may hire regular contributors based on the first publication experience.

Tips: Writer must know subject. Nonfiction subject only.

How to Submit: .doc or .rtf format. Best to query first if its a popular subject that we may want to look at a new slant on writing about it.

Response Time: Respond within 30 days.

Address: P O Box 215 1131 Church Street Siloam Ga 30665 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2002-06-10