AlienSkin Magazine

Publisher: Froggy Bottom Press

Established: 2002

Frequency: monthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Free online science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine

Editor(s): Katherine Patterson & Phil Adams

Needs: All forms of Science fiction, fantasy, and horror genre fiction:
_x000D_ Featured Fiction 1,001-3,500 words
_x000D_ Flash Fiction 250-1,000 words
_x000D_ Non-Fiction Articles 500-750 words (Our articles are Pre-Titled and Themed)
See our Events Section for details on articles

Length: Featured Fiction 1,001-3,500 words_x000D_ Flash Fiction 250-1,000 words

Rights: First Electronic Rights/First Web Rights for a period of 30 days; with an 30 day archive of 1st paragraph only in following issue.

Payment: 1/2 cent/word US$ upon acceptance_x000D_ Also sponsors Title & Sentence Starter Contests, each paying a $25US prize for winning stories of up to 1,000 words.

Tips: We are looking for interesting stories that offer something unique to genre fiction, not interested in reading about the same old stereotypes or same old plots, such as psycho killers, spouse killers,alien creatures are really humans, talking pets, etc. Seeks stories that have a distinct main character, plot and ending. No excessive erotica, gore, vulgar language, or child abuse stories.

How to Submit: Submit stories by pasting story content within body of an email to us. Submissions MUST include author's real name, chosen byline, mailing address, and estimated word count.

Response Time: 5-14 days

Guidelines Url:

Address: P. O. Box 495 Beaver PA 15009 US

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