Amazing Journeys Magazine

Publisher: Journey Books Publishing

Established: 1996

Frequency: Quarterly

Accepts Email Submissions: No

Website URL:

Description: Amazing Journeys is a new magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Amazing Journeys is a quarterly print magazine. Currently the magazine is a digest sized, black and white only issue.

Editor(s): Edward Knight, Donnie Clemons

Needs: Journey Books is seeking great authors who are willing to work at building a name for themselves while building a reputation for Journey Books. We'll work hard for you, but as a new and relatively small press we need authors who are willing to help sell their work. Currently, we a seeking short works for Amazing Journeys Magazine. The first issue is due for release this fall. Those authors whose work generates the most interest from readers may be given an opportunity to participate in one of our upcoming anthologies. It is our hope to develop a "stable" of authors for our publishing house by using the magazine, and later the anthologies, as a test vehicle for writers. Those who pass may find themselves with a book deal a few years down the road. Our initial payments will be very small, but hopefully as our presence grows and our authors names become know so will the money.

Length: For books, send a brief synopsis and the first three chapters._x000D_

_x000D_ For Amazing Journeys Magazine and our anthologies we are looking for works with lengths from 3000-20,000 words but prefer the 5k-8k range.

Rights: We purchase first serial rights for Amazing Journeys Magazine._x000D_

_x000D_ Books and anthology rights will be discussed after acceptance.

Payment: For Amazing Journeys Magazine:_x000D_ As stated above, we're just getting started. Our payment is terrible, but we hope it will get better. We pay $10.00 per story upon acceptance for First North American Serial Rights for Amazing Journeys Magazine. Additional rights may be purchased later. An additional $10.00 will be paid to each author for each $1000.00 in subscription revenue the magazine brings in for the edition in which the work appears. _x000D_

_x000D_ Works accepted for book and anthology publication will receive a contract stating rights, advances and /or royalty payments on an individual basis._x000D_

Tips: We accept works in most science fiction and fantasy genres, but we shy away from the really dark stuff and will never publish gay or lesbian work, so don't bother._x000D_

How to Submit: Snail Mail all submissions to:
_x000D_ Journey Books
_x000D_ 3205 Hwy. 431
_x000D_ Spring Hill, TN 37174

Response Time: 3-6 weeks

Guidelines Url:

Address: 3205 Hwy. 431 Spring Hill TN 37174 USA

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