Pink Chameleon, The

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Family oriented electronic magazine.

Editor(s): Mrs. Dorothy Paula Freda, editor/publisher

Needs: Rare moments in time, upbeat stories, touching emotional_x000D_ pieces, short stories (limit 2000 - 2500 words, less is better), poetry_x000D_ (maximum 24 lines), short anecdotes, articles, words of wisdom, any genre_x000D_ as long as the material submitted is in good taste (family oriented) and_x000D_ gives hope for the future, even in sadness. Only one-year electronic_x000D_ publication rights taken. All rights revert to authors one year after_x000D_ publication online. As editor I reserve the right to edit for grammar,_x000D_ spelling, sentence structure, flow, omit redundancy and any words or_x000D_ material I consider in bad taste. No pornography, no violence for the sake_x000D_ of violence, no curse words. Remember this is a Family Oriented Electronic_x000D_ Magazine.

Rights: All rights revert to authors one year after publication online.

Payment: The Pink Chameleon is a labor of love, so there is no payment,_x000D_ except for the opportunity, especially for beginners, to showcase their_x000D_ work and add a notch to their list of credits.

How to Submit: Only E-mail submissions_x000D_ considered. Send to Always keep a typed hard copy or a_x000D_ backup disk of your work for your files.

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This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2001-06-23