Homeschooling Companion

Publisher: Ronald Thompson II

Established: 2002

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Description: Homeschooling Companion's

Editor(s): Rebecca Thompson

Needs: NONFICTION:_x000D_

_x000D_ This includes biographies and various other approaches to history, science, mathematics, geography and arts that pertain to the theme or topic in each issue._x000D_


_x000D_ Literature study guides will also correspond to the historical theme. We are looking for guides to literature and verse that are appropriate for two age ranges: Ages 7-11and_x000D_ Ages 12 and up._x000D_


_x000D_ Arts and crafts submissions should appeal to either a (7-11) or (12 and up) age level or all ages and tie into the historical topic or theme of each issue._x000D_

Length: NONFICTION - 800-1400 words
_x000D_ LITERATURE STUDY GUIDE - no more than 1400 words.

Rights: All rights. May consider previously published work.

Payment: NONFICTION - $50 per article
_x000D_ LITERATURE STUDY - $50 per study guide, $75 if study guide includes vocabulary/spelling lesson
_x000D_ ARTS & CRAFT PROJECTS - $25 per project_x000D_ _x000D_

How to Submit: Submissions are via email in RTF or plain text format.

Response Time: 6-8 weeks